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 Cyber Security -1 Defensive (CS – 1)

General Information


Our first batch on “Cyber Security 1-Defensive” is all set to take off!! The Classes are scheduled to start from September 25th, 2017 (Monday).

Cyber Security skill-set has been high on demand in recent times in IT market and that incited us in organizing this course providing an opportunity to all IT professionals in our contacts aspiring to make a career move. This is potentially the most sought-after IT trade as a result of huge number of vacancies and limited availability of skilled professionals.

“The ISACA, a non-profit information security advocacy group, predicts there will be a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals by 2019. And for every ten cyber security job ads that appear on career sites, only seven people even click on one of the ads, let alone apply” – excerpt from a recent report.


About the MASTER

The trainer Mr. Kari, is a highly experienced Security Architect. He has over 17 years of industry experience in developing, designing and architecting systems and applications from security point of view. Mr. Kari has been teaching Security concepts for over 6 years and Application Security for more than 4 years with passion for Security. He has double Masters in Information Systems with more focus on “Data and Network Security”. Many professionals have been immensely benefitted from the mastery of the trade, Cyber Security from Mr. Kari.


Great, if you please share this information amongst your contacts to support this campaign so that, it reaches more professional beneficiaries. Thank you.

Course Description

This course will teach about core security principle, technology and protocols based on which more complex and robust systems can be built. It will help build understanding and knowledge of defensive security at application layer. The most interesting part of the course will be Cryptography, Public Private key system. These fundamentals will help you understand, how some of the modern authentication system works, how digital signature works, how Ransomeware works and how Cryptocurrency works.


training will also help developers, system administrators, network administrators and also will help seasoned security professionals. Wherever possible and if time permits, we will learn through demo starting from developing code to, deployment and execution.



1 CS1- Defensive


Couple of years of experience in web application development. Should be able to understand web tier and related high level technologies easily.

Course Deliverables

Classroom Training: The aim of this course is to teach defensive security mostly at application layer. Apart from core concepts, we will run practicals for most of concepts. Next, we will take the fundamental security concepts and solve real world security problems.


Lab: All labs will be using VMs.




Module 1 (brush up) TCP/IP stack and communication
Web application
System Architecture
Application environment (Dev, QA, UAT, Prod)
Module 2 (Cryptography) Symmetric encryption
Hash, HMAC
Standards and tools
Example and sample and demo using Java or .NET
Module 3 (Public and Private key) Math and asymmetric encryption
PKI structure and logic
Digital signing
Module 4 (Security Protocols and standards) SSL/TLS
IPSec (different mode)
Module 5 (authentication) Basic
Form based
Network authentication (Kerberos)
SSO (Interceptor pattern: SiteMinder, SPNEGO, OAuth)
Federated Identity
Demo using Java or .NET
Module 6 (Application as service)
Security around web application
Logging and alerting
Module 7 (OWASP and common vulnerability) OWASP top 10
Demo of vulnerability and how to fix it.
Debugging and tracing security issues using WireShark and Fiddler
Module 8 (Architecture, governance and compliance) Standards
Regulatory and Compliance
Organizational structure
Module 9 (Sample in lab assessment) Security Assessment
Sample Application Assessment
Threat modeling
Module 10 (Implementation sample and demos) Module 2 Symmetric Cryptography: Example and sample and demo using Java or .NET
Module 3 Asymmetric Cryptographic: Example and sample and demo using Java or .NET
Module 4 Security standard implementation: Example and sample and demo using Java or .NET
Module 5 Authentication: Example and sample and demo using Java or .NET (Kerberos, OAuth)
Module 6 Web vulnerability: Using WebGoat from OWASP

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Start date: September 25th, 2017 (Monday).

Course Fee: $1499.

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Phone:  215 395 6373