It is indeed a very well known fact why we people move on with their jobs and there could be a hundred reasons to state when doing so. Be it your work compensation, the thirst for seeking new challenges, relocation, etc – that is where SolWin would like to have a chat with you to discuss on what you might be able to do for us and in turn develop your career

Behind The Scenes

You’re looking for your next gig. And we’re looking for the next gig for 1000s of ‘YOUs’… everyday. So, We sort of know what we’re talking about here and we feel it’s our responsibility to share it – so, let’s help you find your next big thing.

We would love you to grow with SolWin, place your trust within us and mutually help out each other to bring what you and us dreamed – a unique and ideal living and working space.

If you feel that you could be a part of SolWin, just let us know by sending out your resume to us. Our hiring panel will make sure to consider your application with the required level of seriousness.