SolWin gets you to train with the best of trainers from contemporary IT fraternity. It’s a trend-setter training provider. What more one needs as one looks ahead for a colourful IT career?. Your search for the right training room ends with SolWin. Team SolWin has intimate knowledge of IT industry and market trends as to who and what is in demand now and who will be the next. Your SolWin executive will lead you through a thorough screening process in order to understand your skills, experience, needs, ambitions and priorities. They also counsel their candidates in resume writing, interviewing and career planning so when there’s a job opening of your choice, you’re fully prepared to get it.

IT Staffing

We at Solwin have reached out to the deepest knowledge in the current Information Technology market and continues to constantly study the various business patterns closely so as to determine who would be in demand now and who next. We make sure to understand you in the most perfect way – in terms your skills, experience, your needs, ambitions and what priorities you lay out in front of you, through a very organized and unbiased screening process. We also prepare our candidates to hone their resume writing and interview skills so that get them all ready for a better career planning and help them choose the best job opportunity that comes across their path in future.

App development

SolWin is also armed with the best designer and developers to help you build that perfect app you have been longing to bring out. Just tell us your requirements and state your end results, and we will make sure you receive the app, just the way you wanted it.

Our customer engaging proficiency and app designing/planning team is in par with the latest technical set of skills that one can find today in the digital market.

Contact SolWin today, let us know what you are looking for and we are determined to help you in every way possible to achieve what you have always been dreaming of.