Our training at SolWin aims at providing what we consider the best and most professional set of skills, when it comes to IT recruiting and allotting staff to accomplish tasks that are important and complex. We have grasped the deep knowledge of what the IT field requires the most today and we provide immense training in various courses that are seemingly very much in demand and have bright potentials for a career span. Here’s what we provide you with at SolWin:Get in touch with SolWin today to accomplish your IT career dreams

Our Trainings & Courses

Advance VMware VSphere 6.0 Course (AVV 6)

This course will also help students with knowledge and skills for building, deploying and managing large VMware cloud platforms..


In this course the students will be practicing on real hardware (not simulators). Access is given to the students throughout the length of the course.

Java J2EE Web App Developer

Fast-track Java Web Developer Boot camp is an intensive training program designed to equip students with the skills necessary to launch their career as a fastback Java Developer.

SQL Server 2012 Administration

High Availability & Disaster Recovery solutions. TSQL Programming Database Design Performance Tuning

Websphere Admin

Web Sphere MQ, which is often referred to simply as “MQ” by users, is IBM’s Message Oriented Middleware offering.

Windows Server 2012/Active Directory

The course is designed in a way to give newbie’s better understanding on how to work in the World of Windows Server…