This course will be touch upon the most fundamental part of security and they are confidentiality and Integrity of data. The course is mostly focused around data and network security. In other words the course will help you understand all the techniques and skills to protect data when at rest and when in transit.
There are approximately 1.2 million jobs that are vacant that are looking for skills that we will mostly cover in this course. These fundamentals can be applied across any domain in IT field.
The skill that will be taught in this course are most sort after skills in present market.
Q? How this course will help if you have Infrastructurebackground?
– Would be able to create SSL certificate and private key.
– Get the certificate signed by a CA and learn the whole process.
– Help to configure servers and application and web servers for SSL/TLS
– Setup Kerberos
– Understand the IPSecurity fundamentals
Q? How this course will help if you have Datacenter background?
– Most of the Datacenter have partially moved or in near future going to move to cloud architecture. And the skills that will be gained from this course will augment the security part of cloud architecture.
– Cloud architecture itself is heavy on security that includes,
o security of data at rest (encryption, hashing, signature, encryption key management)
o security of data on transit (SSL/TLS, IPSec)
o Authentication over web or through dedicated channel
o Authorization for proper access to data.
Q? How this course is going to help me in CISSP certification.
– This course will cover 50% of most difficult sections of CISSP certification.
– This course will cover the hardest CISSP domain. They are Cryptography and Application Development Security. This will also partially cover Governance and Risk Management and Compliance.
– This course will immensely help for CISSP and also CSSLP.
Q? How this course is going to help me if I am a web developer?
– This course will help web developer to understand and incorporate security into application architecture to make it secure.
– This course will also help to understand the web vulnerabilities that are commonly seen in applications.
– This course is better suited for application developers who can jump to next level and work as application security analyst.
Disclaimer: These skills are sort after skills and heavy in demand. However, this course does not guaranty a job.