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Our Trainer is specialized in offering exclusive Hands on Training in Informatica Power Center and IDQ. Our trainer is an Informatica certified consultant having 15 years of realtime work experience and more than 6 years of teaching experience.

This training is 100% online mode.


Step Module Description
1 IDQ 100 Informatica Data Quality Course

Course Deliverables

Classroom Training: ​Apart from the core conceptual knowledge that we deliver. All examples and practicals will be demonstrated practically on servers (Nothing will be just Theary!).


Lab: ​Students can create and destroy virtual machines on demand, to practice things learned in the class.



Heading   Topic
Data Quality Concepts 1.1 Importance of Data Quality
  1.2 Introduction to Informatica Administrative Console
  1.2.1 Model Repository Service
  1.2.2 Data Integration Service
  1.2.3 Analyst Service
  1.2.4 Content Management Service
Informatica Developer Tool
Basic Topics 2.1 Setting up Informatica Developer
  2.2 Project Creation
  2.3 Folder Creation
  2.4 Overview of the Developer Tool
  2.5 Creating simple mapping
  2.6 Creation of Mapplets
  2.7 Creation of reusable Transformations
  2.8 Data Preview in the Developer Tool
  2.9 Data Objects
  2.9.1 Physical Data Objects
  2.9.2 Relational Data Object
  2.9.3 Logical Data Object
  2.9.4 Custom Data Object
  2.10 Mapping Logs
  2.11 Export / Import of mappings
Advance Topics – Data Quality Transformation 3.1 Merge Transformation
  3.2 Case Converter Transformation
  3.3 Key Generator Transformation
  3.4 Different types of Reference Tables
  3.5 Standardizer Transformation
  3.6 Labeler Transformation
  3.6.1 Token Labeler
  3.6.2 Reference Table
  3.7 Parser Transformation
  3.7.1 Probabilistic Model
  3.7.2 Pattern Based Parsing
  3.8 Creating Different Contents of Content Set
  3.9 Comparison Transformation
  3.10 Decision Transformation
  3.11 Address Validation Transformation
  3.12 Match Transformation
  3.13 Association Transformation
  3.14 Consolidation Transformation
  3.15 Export Data Quality Objects to Power Center
  3.16 Profiling Data
  3.16.1 Column Profile
  3.16.2 Primary Key Profile
  3.16.3 Foreign Key Profile
  3.16.4 Join Profile
  3.16.5 Functional Dependency Profile
  3.16.6 Mid-stream profiling
Informatica Analyst Tool 4.1 Setting up Informatica Analyst Tool
  4.2 Project Creation
  4.3 Folder Creation
  4.5 Data Profiling
  4.6 Drill Down on Profile Results
  4.7 Create / Run / Edit Scorecard from the Profile Results
  4.8 Configure Thresholds
  4.9 Creating Expression Rules
  4.10 Creating Reference Tables from Profile Columns
  4.11 Creating Reference Tables from scratch


Duration: 30 Hours

Course Fee: $500


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