DevOps Automation and Deployment

What you’ll learn

Apply DevOps in your team
Automate the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
Reduce release time
IAC(InfraStructure As Code) – Terraform
Docker Containerisation & Orchestration Tools
Configuration Management (Ansible)
Build & Deployment


In this course you will learn how to apply DevOps. Why DevOps? It is one of the most sought after skills in the IT industry.

You will learn how to improve the Software Development Lifecycle by applying techniques to improve software delivery.

You will also learn IAC for managing versioned cloud infrastructure and packing your applications on containers and container orchestration tools.

The course is very practical

Who this course is for:

This course is suitable for System Administrators, Developers, IT Managers, IT Operations team members, who want to learn more about DevOps. If you are not exposed to software delivery, this course might not be suitable for you.

Module Topics

Course Introduction
1.1 What is Devops?
1.2 Devops Continues Delivery Benefits
1.3 Version Control (GIT) Introduction
1.4 Configuring and Administering a Central Git repository
1.5 Working with Branches and Tags
1.6 Setting up a web based Open-Source Git Server
Automation & Configuration Management
2.1 Introduction to Automation & Configuration Management
2.2 Ansible Installation & Usage
2.3 Writing your first Ansible Playbook
2.4 Ansible Roles
2.5 Introduction To Chef and Its working
2.6 Installing and Configuring a chef server and doing a first chef run on an agent
2.7 Getting Familiar with knife and chef solo
2.8 Writing Chef Cookbooks
2.9 Using Roles and Environments in Chef.
Continues Integration
3.1 Introduction to Continues Integration
3.2 Jenkins Introduction & Installation
3.3 Jenkins Building Application with Maven
3.4 Jenkins Automate Testing & Packaging
3.5 Jenkins Pipeline Jobs
4.1 Introduction to Docker
4.2 Docker demo
4.3 Docker architecture
4.4 Running Docker Containers and run command options
4.5 Writing Dockerfiles to build Docker images
4.6 Working with Docker registries
4.7 Orchestration with Docker Compose, Docker Swarm
4.8 AWS Elastic ContainerService
Writing IAC for AWS (Amazon Web Services)
5.1 IAC Basics
5.2 Writing Infra code using Cloudformation
5.3 Cloudformation Nested Stacks
5.4 Terraform Introduction
5.5 Creating Resources using terraform in AWS
5.6 Writing Terraform modules
5.7 Using Terraform Templates & Modules

Course Duration: 40 Hours
Course Fee: USD 500