Step Module Description


1 AFC 100 Architecting AWS Cloud Infrastructure


Course Deliverables

Classroom Training: ​Apart from the core conceptual knowledge that we deliver. All examples and practical will be demonstrated practically on servers (Nothing will be just Theory!).

Lab: ​Students can create and destroy virtual machines on demand, to practice things learned in the class.


Module Topics (AFC 100)


Heading   Topic
Introduction to Cloud 1.1 Overview of Cloud and its different variants
  1.2 Understanding OSI and TCP/IP Model
  1.3 Navigate the AWS Management Console.
  1.4 Recognize AWS Global Infrastructure.
  1.5 Describe the security measures AWS provides.
  1.6 Understand AWS Regions and Availability zones.
  1.7 Creating an AWS account.


Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 2.1 Understanding EC2 Instance and Instance Types
  2.2 Understand Amazon Machine Image
  2.3 Understand Volumes and Snapshots
  2.4 Understand Security Groups, EIP, Key Pair and ENI
  2.5 Deep dive to Elastic Load Balancers
  2.6 Explore AWS Auto Scaling
  2.7 Understand Systems Manager
  2.8 AWS Dedicated Host



AWS Storage 3.1 Identify key AWS storage options.
  3.2 Describe and learn Amazon EBS.
  3.3 Amazon SSD based storage and I/O patterns.
  3.4 Understand and learn Amazon S3 storage and its components.
  3.5 Create an Amazon S3 bucket and manage associated objects.
  3.6 Static Web hosting using S3 buckets.
  3.7 Understanding Glacier and create Vaults.
  3.8 Learn AWS Elastic File System and Storage Gateway



Networking and Content Delivery 4.1 Design and Implement AWS VPC
  4.2 Understand Subnets, Route Tables, IGW, NAT Gateways
  4.3 Understand EIP, DHCP Option Set and VPC Endpoints
  4.4 Understand VPC Peering and Network ACL’s
  4.5 Understand VPN setup using VGW and CGW
  4.6 Understand and implement AWS Route 53
  4.7 Describe AWS Direct Connect



Identity and Access Management 5.1 Understand IAM in details
  5.2 Understand IAM Users, Groups, Roles and Policies
  5.3 Learn about Identity providers and Account Settings
  5.4 Understand AWS Encryption Keys
  5.5 Understand AWS Directory Services


AWS Management Tools 6.1 Setup and Configure AWS Cloud watch and Alarms
  6.2 Learn Cloud Formation
  6.3 Setup and Configure AWS Cloud Trail
  6.4 Setup and Configure AWS Config
  6.5 Understand Trusted Advisor



Understand AWS  Database Services 7.1 Understand and Implement RDS Database Service
  7.8 Understand Dynamo DB and Redshift


Migration 8.1 Understand DMS
  8.2 Understand Server Migration Tool
  8.3 Understand AWS Snowball



Additional AWS Services 9.1 Learn and Implement AWS Device Farm
  9.2 Understand and setup AWS Simple Notification Service
  9.3 Understand  SQS
  9.4 Understand AWS WorkDocs
  9.5 Deploy and configure AWS Workspaces  ( VDI)


Project 10.1 Implement a complete AWS cloud infrastructure for a three tire application using VPC and other AWS Components.