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Trainer Profile

Mr. Cheri is a Sr. AWS/VMware Cloud Architect who has had 18 years of financial and pharmaceutical IT industry experience. During the course of the class you are not only learning AWS infrastructure and components, but also real life scenarios on how to build, deploy and manage large enterprise class AWS Cloud Infrastructure. Attending this class will help you acquire the much needed knowledge to speak, as if you have worked on large cloud infrastructure.
Mr. Cheri is well known in the IT training domain and has been teaching for the past 8 years. His VMware and Cloud classes are one of the best in the industry.

Step Module Description
1 AFC 100 Amazon AWS Cloud
Foundation Course

Course Deliverables

Classroom Training: ​Apart from the core conceptual knowledge that we deliver. All examples and practicals will be demonstrated practically on servers(Nothing will be just Theary!).

Lab: ​Students can create and destroy virtual machines on demand, to practice things learned in the class.


Heading Topic
Introduction to AWS 1.1 Navigate the AWS Management Console.
1.2 Recognize AWS Global Infrastructure.
1.3 Describe the security measures AWS provides.
1.4 Describe AWS Regions and Availability zones.
1.5 Creating an AWS account.
AWS Storage 2.1 Identify key AWS storage options.
2.2 Describe and learn Amazon EBS.
2.3 Describe Amazon SSD based storage and I/O patterns.
2.4 Describe and learn Amazon S3 storage and its components.
2.5 Create an Amazon S3 bucket and manage associated objects.
2.6 Static Web hosting using S3 buckets.
2.7 Understanding Glacier and create Vaults.
Compute Services & Networking 3.1 Identify the different AWS compute and networking options.
3.2 Describe and learn Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
3.3 Create an Amazon VPC and its components.
3.4 Understand Internet Gateway and its services.
3.5 Understanding Security groups and Network ACL’s.
3.6 Understand Subnets and its placements.
3.7 Understanding Key Pairs and its usage.
3.8 Create an Amazon EC2 instance.
3.9 Use Amazon EBS with Amazon EC2.
3.10 Understanding Elastic IP’s.
3.11 Understanding Elastic Load Balancers ( ELB).
3.12 Route Tables and DHCP Option sets.
3.13 Describe Amazon Dynamo DB.
3.14 Understand key aspects of Amazon RDS.
3.15 Launch an Amazon RDS instance.
3.16 Understand Route 53 the scalable DNS.
Identity and Access Management 4.1 Understand Amazon IAM Service.
4.2 Describe Users, Groups, roles and policies.
4.3 Create and Manage users, groups and policies.
4.4 Account settings and credential Reports.
4.5 Understand Security policies.
4.6 Create custom policies using Policy Generator.
4.7 Understand key aspects of Amazon RDS.
4.8 Launch an Amazon RDS instance.
Managed Services & Database 5.1 Describe Amazon Dynamo DB.
5.2 Understand key aspects of Amazon RDS.
5.3 Launch an Amazon RDS instance.
5.4 Understand Snapshots.
5.5 Understand Security groups and Parameter groups.
5.6 Understand Elastic Cache.
Application Services 6.1 Describe Message Queue Service(SQS).
6.2 Understand Elastic Transcoder and its use.
6.3 Understand SEC ( Email Sending Service).
6.4 Understand Push Notification Service(SNS).
6.5 Describe Amazon Cloud Watch metrics and alarms.
6.6 Understand Cloud Formation.
6.7 Understand Resource Configuration and Inventory.
6.8 Understand Work Docs.
6.9 Overview of Workspaces (Desktops in the Cloud).

Duration: 35 Hours
Course Fee: $600

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