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Dear Students,

Hope & Pray that you’re all safe and fine at your place, wherever you are! During these difficult times, we were somewhat fortunate on skill development front to successfully complete our previous batch training on Kubernetes & Containerisation with overwhelming support from all the participants.  We gratefully acknowledge the same here!

With many requests coming in to start the 2nd batch, we’ve decided to schedule the next batch from 20th July 2020 (Monday) onwards. 


Join us for the Training Boot camp on Monday, the 20th July 2020 at 9:00 PM EST by Mr. Sarath.


About Trainer

Mr. Sarath is a seasoned Technology Development Executive & Consultant with over Eleven years of experience. His areas include: “Building Highly Available & Scalable Web Architectures in the Cloud”, “On-Premise and Public Cloud Infrastructure Automation”, “Cloud-based Infrastructure Design”, “Deployment and Operations”, “Enterprise Platform Design, Architecture, Deployment and Operations”, “Distributed Computing for Data and Analytics platforms”, “Building PAS solutions in on-premise Private Cloud”, “DevOps and Automation at scale”.


Mr. Sarath is the author of Slashroot. is a technical blog site platform for learning technology and system administration related topics.


What you’ll learn

  • Docker Containerisation & Orchestration Tools
  • Configuration Management (Ansible)
  • Build & Deployment

Course Module

  1.  Get To Know Docker/Containers
    1.1 Introduction to Docker
    1.2  Why Use Docker/What is Docker
    1.3  Installing Docker on Linux
    1.4  Docker demo
    1.5  Docker architecture
    1.6 Running Docker Containers and run command options
  2. Manipulating Containers
    2.1 Docker run in Detail
    2.2 Listing/Starting/Stopping Containers
    2.3 Executing commands in Running containers
    2.4 Retrieving Log Outputs
    2.5 Container Isolation/Command prompt in the container
    2.6 Understanding Networking in containers
  3. Building Docker Images
    3.1 Creating Docker Images
    3.2 Building a Dockerfile
    3.3 Tagging Images
    3.4 Base image/Build step in detail
    3.5 Docker registries
    3.6 Setting up your own Docker Private Registry
  4. Docker Compose
    4.1 Understanding Docker Compose
    4.2 Networking with Docker Compose
    4.3 Building Docker compose files
  5. Introduction to Kubernetes
    5.1 Container Orchestration Engine
    5.2 Main container Orchestration engines
    5.3 Kubernetes Architecture
    5.4 Kubernetes Installation Methods
    5.5 Minikube
    5.6 Installing Kubernetes with Kubeadm
    5.7 Using kubectl
  6. Kubernets Pods
    6.1. What is Pod
    6.2 Creating Pods/Working with Pods
  7. Kubernetes Configuration
    7.1 ConfigMaps
    7.2 Demo Config Maps
    7.3 Secrets
    7.4 Demo Secrets
  8. Kubernetes Controllers
    8.1 Replication Controllers
    8.2 Replica Set
    8.3 Deployments
    8.4 Deamonsets
    8.5 Jobs
  9. Kubernetes Services
    9.1 Introduction to Services
    9.2 Nodepost Service
    9.3 LoadBalancer Service
    9.4 ClusterIP service
  10. Storage
    10.1 Storage Volumes
    10.2 AWS Persistent Volume
    10.3 EFS on Kubernetes
    10.4 Persistent Volume claim in AWS
  11. Running Kubernetes in AWS
    11.1 Creating a Kubernetes EKS cluster in AWS
    11.2 Using VPC for kubernetes Networking in was
    11.3 Using ALB for kubernetes in AWS
    11.4 Ingress Controller In AWS
  12. Running Kubernetes In Azure
    12.1 Creating a Kubernetes Cluster in Azure
    12.2 Creating a Private registry in Azure
    12.3 Attaching registry in AKS cluster
    12.4 Running applications on AKS cluster in Azure
    12.5 Azure application gateway and Kubernetes


Course Duration:  40 Hours

Course Fee: USD 399


For more details feel free to call us @ 215-395-6373

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