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Time is right here to value-add & update skills to meet the demands of our resource market. We are committed to continuity in classroom trainings delivering advanced technologies having benefitted numerous student aspirants by now. Your participation and support catalyse to motivate us and we are bringing it to you, once again!!

Our next batch on “Python Programming with Amazon AWS Cloud” online class is scheduled to start from November 3rd, 2019.

Treat this as an opportunity to learn such an amazing technology with one of the most experienced trainers in the industry.

This course will introduce Python to someone with no programming background. We will cover the fundamentals of programming and learn the building blocks of programming using Python. We will start with the basic concepts of programming and gradually move up to advanced programming concepts.

During this class you will be doing hands on programming starting with simple exercises and progress to complex solutions. You will learn the various ways you can program in Python like scripting and building Object Oriented Design.

We will also see how Python can be used in the AWS cloud environment and how you can manage various aspects of AWS Infrastructure using Python and Python AWS SDK boto3. We will see how we can upload/download a file to S3 bucket. How you can write a Serverless function (AWS Lambda) in Python to accomplish various tasks.

At the end of this course you will gain the necessary skills to independently write a script or program in Python.

This course will help you to continue the cloud journey, where you could take advantage of this powerful cloud language Python. Grab this unique chance and get trained by a MASTER!!

About the MASTER

The Trainer, Satish is an Enterprise application developer with over 20 years of full stack application development experience in Financial Services industry. He is based in New York area. Over the years he has used several programming languages including C#, F#, JavaScript and Python in his professional career.

Recently he has been working as a Data Science Systems Architect using Python and AWS cloud infrastructure. He has developed ETL pipelines using AWS EC2, Redshift, RDS and Server-less systems using AWS Lambda, S3, SQS and SAM. In his current role he spends 70-80% of this time programming in Python.

Thank you.

Course Name: Python Programming with Amazon AWS Cloud

Course Fee : $500
(The first two days’ classes are FREE for all the REGISTRANTS)

Register in advance for this online class:

This is a 40 hour class, every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9PM EST to 11PM EST. No class on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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